Apple Watch Wall Stand Charger


How do you charge your Apple Watch, keep it safe, and show it off? You get the Apple Watch Wall Stand Charger. Without a single, pesky, inconvenient cord, you simply slide your watch onto this stand and it quickly charges without blocking the additional outlets. Plus the design allows for easy air circulation, keeping the charging block cool as your watch itself.

  • Made w/ top quality PVC & a rubberized finish
  • Sturdy & stable so your watch stays safe
  • Plugs into any wall socket in any direction (vertical & horizontal)
  • Neatly stores the MagSafe cable (cable not included)
  • Designed to keep air flowing & stay cool
  • Doesn’t required any wires or cables

Charger & cable not included. Requires the Apple 5W USB Wall Charger & Cable for use.


  • Works on any wall socket
  • Works w/ all versions of the cable, whether it be the 6ft (2m) Apple Watch Sport version or the 3.3ft (1m) metal version of the Apple Watch



  • Apple Watch Wall Stand (white)




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