Portfolio Carousel

[portfolio type=”carousel” title=”4 Columns Carousel” cols=”four” posts_per_page=”14″ details=”off”]

[portfolio type=”carousel” title=”3 Columns Carousel” display=”category” category=”business-card” carousel_effect=”cover-fade” cols=”three” posts_per_page=”11″ ov_style=”simple” details=”off”]

[portfolio type=”carousel” title=”2 Columns Carousel” carousel_effect=”crossfade” cols=”two” display=”category” category=”icon-design” ov_style=”plus” dt_cat=”off” excerpt_length=”160″]

[portfolio type=”carousel” title=”1 Column Carousel” carousel_effect=”uncover-fade” cols=”one” display=”category” category=”logo-design” excerpt_length=”400″]

We can’t Cover All Possibilities so this is the available options for portfolio carousel

    • All portfolio options cols
    • overlays
    • show and hide
    • get items from specific category
    • hide and show data
    • and more …
    • 9 scrolling effects none
    • scroll
    • directscroll
    • fade
    • crossfade
    • cover
    • cover-fade
    • uncover or uncover-fade